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Breakthrough in avian artificial insemination a promising step towards Moa revival

Sea World’s reproductive center has succeeded in delivering┬áthe world’s first penguin chick as a result of artificial insemination. This is a promising development in helping to rebuild populations of endangered penguin species and is a big step forward in the perfection of techniques essential to the de-extinction of the moa.

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The Long Now Foundation Revive & Restore Project

The Long Now Foundation’s Revive & Restore project represents the most cohesive and formal effort to restore extinct species. The Moa is on the projects list of potentially revivable species. The best chance of turning the dream of Moa de-extinction into a reality may well lie with the scientists and other visionaries affiliated with with the project.

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Trevor Mallard shines spotlight on de-extinction

There are growing signs of support in New Zealand for an attempt at reviving the Moa. Trevor Mallard a prominent New Zealand politician brought the issue firmly to the attention of the mainstream media by giving a presentation at a development conference in Lower Hutt recently.

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